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Dream Shoes

So I entered some Instagram contest to win a free pair of custom painted shoes by an amazing artist. There were over 300 entries and mine was chosen in the top 5. DDDDDD:
But the winner of the shoes is determined by the highest amount of likes on the reposted picture on her account. D:

I'm losing, boo. :c
Mine's Mary Poppins though!
If anyone wants to help the account is @theenchantedbrush and all you have to do is like the pictures with Mary Poppins!

I would love you forever if you helped me. Seriously. I would love you forever if you helped me get my dream shoes.♥
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The person doing my dress didn't feel comfortable doing up to a 47" bust.. :c
But I remeasured myself using a different bra that had absolutely no padding in it and it came to just 44", so yay! Which means I can still get the dress. I just need to be careful what I wear under it.

I bought the only three Mary Poppins books at Books A Million the other day. I hate that only the first three are still in the print. I bought the next three after that, but the last two books are all ridiculously expensive no matter where I look for them at. :/ Not sure why.. Maybe I could check the library? Nope, they only have one the two I need and it's not the library near me. Boo. I'll check Chamblin's since they have EVERY book possible. Oh well. I'm going to try to get them soon so I can have them for the drive to Myrtle Beach this year. (Which is apparently in just 2 weeks but I never noticed because I want to go to Disney.) I just don't want to spend $50 for the one book... :/ I do like the Mary Poppins of the books better than the movie version though. The Disney version is too sweet and not vain enough... Her leaving in the books was sadder for me than the movie. I can get why Travers hated it.

I'm supposed to be scheduling a pickup for a package with Fed-Ex but it is literally the most confusing thing. I don't even get it. I know what I need to have done but the people on the phone don't listen. I'm trying to work this out with the buyer because it's frustrating us both haha. At least she's cool with it. (She's a flight attendant so it'd be a while before she could get the doll anyways.) I'll figure it out.

I'm trying to write more often in here so let's see how it goes! Have a good week lovelies.♥
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FACCS! I need help.

Ohgosh you guys I have one of my submissions for FACCS this year!
We were allowed to enter however many categories we wanted to this year and I was also able to snag a spot in color photography with my BW one.

My BW submission is probably this:

[Click for bigger]

And for color I was thinking this one, but I'm not sure what the regulations for adjustments and filters are since I didn't get the rules sheets this time?

[Click for bigger]

Of course it's all up in the air on my color one until I get the rules.
My other ones I'm thinking of entering are these:
Collapse )
Anyways I really do want to hear your thoughts on these? I just want to make sure I'm choosing a good submission or not.
Which is your favorite/should I enter for FACCS?
So many decisions! I think I need some help from my friends.♥
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Soap Figssss

Soap figures
I want to buy a box so I can get what I want
It's a box of 15 so I assume I get 3 of each?

Only problem is how expensive it is. :c I can't really pay upfront for them, unless there's anyone who wants any of these??
I want a Sylvie and an Eevee, and the rest are open. If anyone wants...

Pika, Genesect, and Mewtwo- $5

Depending on if anyone wants anything is the key factor to if I order them or not.. So lemme know if there's any you want!

  • Sylvie 1: Me!

  • Sylvie 2: Tagami_yami

  • Sylvie 3: Leah

  • Pika 1:

  • Pika2:

  • Pika 3:

  • Mewtwo 1: Tagami_yami

  • Mewtwo 2:

  • Mewtwo 3:

  • Eevee 1: Me!

  • Eevee 2:

  • Eevee 3:

  • Genesect 1:

  • Genesect 2:

  • Genesect 3: